Cover TIGER F18

Cover TIGER F18

Cover TIGER F18


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Cover compatible for catamaran TIGER / ALADO / DIAM / DART HAWK & NACRA F18

This cover is designed for Tiger but can work also Alado, Dart Hawk, Nacra F18 

key points :

-> Protection: Protect trampolin and gear from UV , sand and thieves  temptation

-> Saving: Keep in good shape longer your trampoline life

-> Side easy opening for trapeze and  forestay

-> coming with elastic rope to attached below the hull

-> Polyester 900 deniers fabric

-> Coolor : grey for better UV resistance

-> zigzag 6 points stitching

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Nicolas Chain

Nicolas Chain - Tiger

Merci pour le taud de Tiger qui se pose facilement et rapidement. La bâche me semble bien résistante, je vous tiens au courant dans 2 ans!

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Cover TIGER F18

Cover TIGER F18

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