Mainsail Hobie 14

Mainsail Hobie 14

Mainsail Hobie 14


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Key points:
- Better Power control: Depending on cunigham tension, the top head of the sail twists during the gust and powers back during down wind..

- New system to manage the tension of the battens, as for the windsurfing sails, you can control the tension with a screwdriver, which is easy and fast!

- Cloth : Dacron 220 g for a strong sail

- This sail is adapted for the HB 14 boom and gooseneck

- A mono film window to check under the wind

- 5 penons to control the flow

- Nice look and new sensations: these sails give a boost and new look to the boat !

hobie 14 forward sailing

Particularities of our main sails for HB 14
The foot of our sails is free as most of the new modern sails. It allows to manage better the hollow of the sail, and a belt at the end of the sail allows to to take back the efforts. Here is how it settles down.

At the level of the attachment point, near the mast, it is enough to put a shackle or a rope to make the connection between the carnation and the attachment point.

Another advantage of this assembly is that you can leave the boom on the boat during your holidays (under the trampoline cover) and remove only the sail, because it gets loose easily of the boom, It is less heavy to carry …


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Mainsail Hobie 14

Mainsail Hobie 14

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