It’s done, Guy Mercadier has crossed the North Cape !

Publié le : 07/04/2017 12:46:35

It’s done, Guy Mercadier has crossed the North Cape !

Archaeologist and expert in landscape meditation, Guy Mercadier is nevertheless a sailor who likes great challenges.
His project “Cross the Cape” is a perfect example and the first challenge that composes it consisted of accomplishing a major feat: to cross the North Cape by catamaran and on his own.
The adventurer from Albi has been preparing for it for weeks in Marseillan, in Herault, and at the nautical base of Aigueleze in Rivières, in the Tarn. He equipped himself for that, providing, amongst others, solid suits, a mechanism of adjustment, a distress beacon and tracing and navigation devices.
Finally, on Thursday 29 of June around 8pm 30 minutes, he won his bet. He has, indeed, crossed the cape located on northern Norway, one of the most northern places in Europe. At its extremity is held a cliff of 307 metres dominating the Atlantic and the Arctic.
The performance is much more admirable considering the great efforts Guy Mercadier had to make, given the extremely difficult navigating conditions.
On a letter for the online magazine “La Dépêche”, he also explained going through very low temperatures (5 to 8°C), humidity levels particularly high and very high seas. He entered the Skarsvågfjord around 4pm that same Thursday, he found himself in the middle of the sea without any wind, with a heavy swell. He had to paddle for 3 hours and kindly refused the help of a zodiac. Then he got lucky: a quasi-providential wind of 15 to 18 knots pushed him to his destination, the North Cape.
“Night Flight”, hisHC 20 Formula of 300 kg sport catamaran, has been pushed at a speed of 10 knots, which allowed the Albigenses sailor through the cape and find shelter just in time, before the sea gets higher.
This is a first challenge faced…The next on the list, the challenges of the project “Cross the Cape”, are also exciting: the Malin Head capes in the Irish Sea, TresForcats in the AlboranSea and the Straumnes in the Irish Sea. His sport catamaran Night Flight won’t stop sailing the most hostile seas.

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