The Kiwi Team wins the 35th edition of the America’s Cup

Publié le : 07/04/2017 09:41:58

The Kiwi Team wins the 35th edition of the America’s Cup

The archipelago of the Bermudes held, this Monday, June the 26th, the 9th et last regatta of the America’s Cup. The catamaran sailors from New Zealand defeated the American crew by 7 to 1. This is the third victory of the Kiwi sailors since the creation of this prestigious competition of catamaran sails. Despite their budget restrictions, unlike the American sailors’, the participants from New Zealand have been able to make the best of the latest resources and innovations to build a more powerful engine. Technical aspects of their sport catamaran and the support of a ship crew composed of a tactician, a helmsman and a wing trimmer, put the victory at hand. The boat was also equipped with very efficient foils and was lighter than the opponents’ boats by 7 to 10%.

 During this final race, the Oracle Team USA started off very well and even led the game until the Kiwi ship made it to the top with a 55 second advantage. As a Defender of the cup, the Oracle Team USA gave itself the best possible odds throughout the location of the game, the conditions and even the choice of the sail… The Oracle Team USA was, therefore, advantaged. Still, the Emirates Team New Zealand finished first with 6 point advantage.

As the rules of the game say, the winner will be the new defender and will decide the fate of the next America’s Cup edition.

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