Sails Laser

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Our sails for Laser – 4.7, Radial and Standard, are based on the cut of the official sails, but not allowed for racing.
They are leisure sails. However sailors can use them for training in realistic conditions, protecting their racing sail.
It is also possible to use them for local small races organized by sailing clubs and not recognized by the authorities of the Class.
Moreover we have set up a 4th Laser special sail, a fathead sail, with a surface of 7.1 sqm, which is adapted for the Standard rig.


All the modern sailboats are now equipped with fathead sails, a modern cut, with more surface at the top and which twists efficiently with the cunningham tension, to manage easily the power more important of this kind of profile. The famous Laser couild also benefit from this lifting !
We use an optimized corss cut shape, with a medium sail camber which is good for sailing between 5 and 15 knots.
The sails are made in a 180gr white dacron cloth and each extremity is finished with strong reinforcements.
The different parts and finishings of the sails are put together thanks to zigzag seams, using high diameter yarns treated against UV.
  • Mainsail Laser sport 7.1m2
    319,99 €
  • Mainsail Laser standard TRAINING : 7,06 m2
    269,99 €
  • Mainsail Laser Radial : 5,76m2
    229,99 €
  • Mainsail Laser 4,7m2
    209,99 €