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The trampoline is an essential equipment of the sport catamaran. It enables to move easily on the boat and is a key elements for the stiffness of the platform. That is why it is important to take care of this accessory and not use it in too bad condition, which might be dangerous.
We have set up a range of trampolines, strong, with pockets, and made in Mesh to evacuate water easily and with a not too important windage
The high resistance cloth has been tested in laboratory and in real condition to make sure it is resistant enough to friction, distortion and against UV.
Trampoline catamaran
We are also the first ones to propose a hybrid trampoline (for Hobie Cat 18) with a main part in Mesh and a second cloth, waterproof, on all the front part, to protect both crew and helm from waves when they are not at trapeze.
Trampoline pour catamaran de sport
Trampoline for Dart 18, Hobie Cat 14, 16, 18 and now Hobie Tiger, well designed and proposed to direct prices !
Trampolines pour catamarans
  • Trampoline for Hobie Cat Tiger
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  • Trampoline for Hobie Cat 18
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  • Trampoline Dart 18
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    Trampoline Dart 18

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  • Trampoline for Hobie Cat 16
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  • Trampoline for Hobie Cat 14
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