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  • Forward Sailing around the world with Bertrand De Broc !
    Publié le : 26/07/2013 18:14:41

    We had the pleasure to support Bertrand in his new adventure around the world, supplying our caps and polarised sunglasses to protect himself during his race which finished magnificently

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  • Yvan & Thibault – Congratulation!!
    Publié le : 09/10/2012 18:13:01

    Yvan Bourgnon and Thibault Vauchel made a great performance on their Nacra F20 for sailing the longest distance in 24 hours : 344 miles !!

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  • The Manche in F18 – Well done Yvan and Karine !!
    Publié le : 05/09/2012 18:01:59

    Congratulation to Yvan Bourgnon and Karine Baillet who crossed the Manche last Wednesday on a Formula 18 catamaran (AHPC Capricorn C2) !

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  • Well done France Ferrari and manu!

    Well done France Ferrari and manu!
    Publié le : 06/08/2012 17:59:32

    Francis and Manu win the first stage of the f18 season at Raid Iroise in brest. They were sailing with Forward sailing accessories

  • Welcome Morgan !

    Welcome Morgan !
    Publié le : 04/08/2012 17:56:01

    Thanks Morgan for your help in trimming and testing our new Hobie Tiger F18 sails. This boat is not dead! And is performing very good, killing the W cat sometimes! Morgan will help us to develop new

  • Manu

    Publié le : 04/07/2012 17:54:04

    Manu is really into cat’s sailing and following the F18 tour in France. He is part of the testing team and help us to make better products.Have a look to his nice blog: manuvoile.skyrock.com

  • Forward Sailing is the cover supplier of the Yacht Club Toulon.

    Forward Sailing is the cover supplier of the Yacht Club Toulon.
    Publié le : 04/07/2012 17:48:59

    The goal was to get one style of cover for all Tigers in order to have a nice/clean feeling on the board parking.Check out this very nice sailing club: www.yctoulon.fr

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