A drifting catamaran was heading towards the beach of Lavandou

Publié le : 28/07/2017 17:20:59

The Compagnies Républicaines de Sécurité (CRS), along with local lifeguards of the bay beach of Lavandou in the Var, prevented a dramatic incident that could’ve happenned this Friday, the 21st of July, reports the Var-Martin website. While on patrol on the central beach in front of the Général Bouvet Avenue at 10am, the agents of CRS noticed a catamaran heading to the shore.

The boat seemed to be adrift and floating towards the croawded beach. It was coming closer and closer to the area where numerous tourists were gathered for a swim. That is when Sébastien Albertini and Lionel Decovert, a brigadgier-chef and his assistant, quickly reacted by alerting the tugboat company, Pégliasco. Meanwhile, the lifeguards, in their service station, tried to stop the catamaran until rescuers arrived.

The catamaran, it seems, skidded while anchored with no one on board to control the situation. Rescuers have been able to tow the engine at 10 meters from the shore. Thanks to the tug and the lifeguards who managed to stop the adrift engine, no one on the beach was hurt. Authorities are now looking for its owner to interrogate him.

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